Star Pirates Infinity Update 2017.07.26.01

Hello players, today Star Pirates Infinity version 2017.07.26.01 went Live.

We've made many improvements and fixes that we hope all players will enjoy.

- New and improved Store and pack opening.
- Can now filter collection by “New”, can be done directly after opening packs.
- Increased PVP rewards and lowered price of Booster Pack.
- Improved AI!
- Invasions! Ally with other players to protect the Galaxy!
- Guild Tokens increase your odds of getting better cards, get them by completing Invasions!

Enter the promo code "SPIBOOSTER" to receive a FREE Booster Pack!
Refer a friend to receive 1000 credits every time they make a premium purchase.
Thank you and have an Awesome day!

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Version 2017.07.26.01 Jul 28, 2017

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