Weekend to find players!

Greetings to the community!

Over the past few months we've had a series of small updates to make improvements and fixes for the game. We've now been focused on building up the community. This weekend, two Let's Play videos should appear. We are hopeful that these will drive more traffic to the game and make it easier for players to find human opponents, since playing against the AI is never quite as satisfying as crushing a live opponent.

We also continue to monitor the Discord Chat if anyone wants to ask us questions outside of the game.

Remember that whether you play on PC, Mac, iOS or Android, it's all the same account and the same pool of opponents. So grab the device of your choice and join us for some games this weekend!


Christian Latour,
Product Manager, SHG Studios.


Star Pirates Infinity (Windows) 2017082301.zip 74 MB
Aug 24, 2017
Star Pirates Infinity MAC.zip 88 MB
Aug 25, 2017

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